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Vibe Pro® - Metered AirCare Dispenser

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Evolve your aircare, and elevate your space with Vibe Pro®

Vibe Pro® brings metered aircare to the next level with industry-leading innovation and patented technology.

Vibrating Mesh Technology

Patented dosing enables Vibrating Mesh Technology to deliver superior scent consistency. Proprietary fragrance formulas pass through vibrating plates with 2,000 laser-cut holes, dispersing an ultra-fine mist that remains airborne longer.

Intensity Plus Event

Patented Intensity Plus Event technology provides a targeted boost of fragrance at your facility’s busiest time of day.


All Vibe Pro® fragrances contain Airadicate®, a malodor counteractant.

More Sustainable Refill

The non-aerosol, non-pressurized, VOC-exempt refills provide a more sustainable and easier to transport alternative to aerosols. Refills quickly snap in and out of the dispensing unit for efficient change-outs.

Types of Facilities

The compact, battery-operated unit makes Vibe Pro® a well-suited solution for a variety of facility types. Its sleek design and sophisticated fragrance range complements a multitude of spaces.

  • Restroom: Vibe Pro® is the perfect solution for restroom fragrancing, helping reinforce cleanliness with scents that coordinate with across screen and bowl clip offerings
  • Casino: with 24/7 operations through the quick settings and fragrance layering, Vibe Pro® brings better fragrance consistency to the non-stop operations of casinos while delighting guests.
  • Stadium: With the ability to program Vibe Pro® to hours of operations - including game time - you can maximize fragrancing and coordinate scents across urinal screens & bowl clips for these ultra busy facilities
  • Retail: Reinforce your retail store's brand with fragrance options that align with your store's aesthetic. Create a welcoming experience that helps shoppers linger longer.
  • Office: Clean & uplifting environments are critical for attracting employees to the office. Use Vibe Pro® in  the office space and restrooms to reinforce the hygiene practices you have in place at your facility. 
  • Gym: Gym workout facilities and locker rooms are easy vectors for bad odors. Vibe Pro® with Airadicate technology not only pleasantly fragrances the space, but also neutralizes the bad smells.

Programming Features:

Highly Customizable Fragrancing Schedules

The metering technology in Vibe Pro® allows for maximum control over your scent schedule - so your aircare system is only fragrancing during your hours of operation, more effectively using your refills.

Tailored Programming

Units can be set for operation during specific days of the week and hours of the day to ensure use only when your facility is open, saving money on refills.

Customized Experience

Quickly tailor scent delivery to your needs with easy-to-navigate programming.

Quick Dispensing Programs

Best for 24/7 operations or programming simplicity, four quick settings allow you to dictate how many refills you would like to use per year for change-outs ever 30, 45, 60, or 90 days.

Additional Product Benefits

  • No Aerosols or Propellants - Refills contain no aerosols or propellants and are not pressurized, suiting as a more sustainable option compared to aerosols.
  • Battery Power Source, No Electrical Outlet Needed - Battery-powered units provide more flexibility in placement for optimal performance and batteries can last up to 18 months. 
  • Easy-to-install Units - Mounting plate makes it easy to initially install and are quick to remove from the wall for efficient servicing. 
  • Wide Coverage - Vibe Pro® can cover up to 18,000 cubic feet / 510 cubic meters.


  • Available Colors: White/Silver
  • Coverage: 510m3 / 18,000ft3
  • Scent Delivery Type: Ultra-fine mist, non-aerosol
  • Operation: 4 D-Cell Batteries
  • Installation: Wall mounted
  • Dispenser Dimensions: 4.53" (115mm) W x  9.8” (249mm) H x 4.13” (105mm) D
  • Dispenser Weight: 0.6 kg / 1.3 lb
  • Refill Life: Preset and customizable 30-, 45-, 60- and 90-day settings


Color: White / Silver

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