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Brothers, Joe and Rob, started Okum Supply because of their first-hand experience with their prior supplier/client relationships. Joe and Rob come from a long history of family owned and operated service-based organizations. Top notch customer service and comprehensive customer satisfaction are the core of their family business traditions. In 2015, their first cleaning industry business was formed and Envision Commercial Cleaning was established. Over the years and to this day, Envision has consistently provided janitorial and maintenance solutions to clients, demonstrating to be one of the growing leaders in the commercial cleaning industry. This was not the end of the story. While growing their cleaning business, the brothers learned that not all supplier / client relationships are created equal. Inconsistent customer service, lack of product availability, and hand-on product knowledge led the Okum brothers to start thinking outside the box. Referring this business to their own clients over the years, they learned that their clients also had similar experiences with these distributors that didn't fully align with their core values. Born out of this frustration was the concept for Okum Supply. If you can’t bring A to B, then bring B to A.


Based on their family traditions with how to run a business, the only logical solution was to do it themselves. Okum Supply was created to provide a higher level of service to customers, big and small alike. Shopping with Okum Supply is like buying a custom made suit vs an off the rack suit. Everything can be tailored to each client’s budget, and the specific needs of their organization. The goal is to never over-sell or under-deliver. We are all about offering practical solutions to everyone, whether you are part of a large organization or own our own mom & pop cleaning business

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