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SpaceVac ATEX PRO 38mm Cleaning System | Financing Available

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SpaceVac ATEX PRO High-Level Vacuum Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Independently certified to be compliant with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU: ISO 80079-36:2016 and ISO 80079-37 

The patent-pending ATEX PRO system has been developed specifically for cleaning in industrial factory areas designated as Explosive Atmospheres (known as ATEX). The ATEX equipment is 100% fully conductive, to guarantee spark-free operation and total peace of mind for industrial cleaning operators to clean in industrial factories.

ATEX cleaning is a specialized area and requires equipment specifically designed and manufactured to be used in these environments. To bring SpaceVac up to spec, our team redesigned a brand new patent-pending ATEX ready version of the industrial cleaning system:  


A fully conductive pole kit features the same 38mm diameter poles but is made from 100% carbon to guarantee non-spark anti-static operation when used to clean in enclosed industrial explosive atmospheres.


Complete range of specialist anti-static brushes, carbon fiber heads and accessories to provide a flexible range of options to industrial cleaning operators cleaning at height.


All of the heads and ATEX tools interconnect with each other to create custom and bespoke configurations to reach any difficult to reach areas in factories and warehouses!


All of the ATEX equipment poles, heads and tools feature a unique safety locking mechanism for total operator safety; ensuring no risk of falling parts of the system during operation. Remember – keep it  Safe. And. Fast. Easy. Release.

The 38mm ATEX Pro makes industrial cleaning quick and simple and can help to improve your workplace health and safety, operational efficiency and hygiene. Ceilings are often forgotten about during industrial cleaning and can be difficult and dangerous to reach, but forgetting about them can lead to a range of potential hazards.

The 38mm ATEX Pro can be used to safely and easily clean hard-to-reach areas, with impressive suction performance that can be used to tackle dust, dirt and debris. The pole is high-quality and lightweight, enabling users to easily operate the equipment, even for long periods of time. The system can easily be maneuvered around any industrial environment and comes fitted with a 100% reliable ‘Safety Locking Mechanism’ to conform with ATEX regulations.

When working in an explosive atmosphere, ATEX cleaning products are required to ensure the safety of your staff. The 38mm ATEX Pro is ATEX-approved, meaning it has been thoroughly tested and authorized for use in environments that handle potentially explosive or hazardous substances. Atex cleaning products are designed for the toughest of industrial cleaning jobs and can aid in cleaning tasks where safety and non-spark operation is vital, such as gaseous or dust-filled environments.

The 38mm Atex cleaning poles were a world first when they first entered the combustible market in 2016. Developed in response to a number of deadly incidents involving the use of incorrect cleaning equipment in explosive atmospheres, SpaceVac sought to engineer a system safe for use in these specialized environments. Manufactured to the highest standards right in the UK - the Atex poles are made from 100% Carbon Fiber and are tested and certified to Atex standards. The system is fully accessorized with a range of Atex and anti-static accessories for flexible cleaning options.

  • Product Focus: 38mm Atex Pro
  • No of Poles: 5.5
  • Material: 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Carbon Weave: 4k Full Carbon Fiber
  • Working Height: 9.8m
  • Length of Enclosed Poles: 8.8m
  • Pole Diameter: 38mm
  • Pole Length: 1.6m
  • No of Heads: 4
  • No of Brushes: 2
  • No of Tools: 2
  • Hose Kit Included: Yes
  • Hose Diameter: 38mm

What's Included:

* Conductive – A conductive tool has a volume resistance <104 ohms. It may have a conductor built-in. For use in general non-hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres – Atex zones 1, 2, 21 and 22

5 x SVA38/16-PRO

5 x 38mm x 1.6m Cleaning Poles


1 x 38mm x 0.8m Pro Half Pole


1 x Padded Pole Bag


1 x Conductive Straight Cleaning Head


1 x Conductive 135 Degree Cleaning Head


1 x Conductive 90 Degree Cleaning Head


1 x Conductive 45 Degree Cleaning Head


1 x Conductive Large Round Brush


1 x ATEX Floor Tool


1 x Conductive 100mm  Pipe Brush


1 x Conductive Crevice Tool


1 x Mesh Bag


1 x Conductive 5m Hose


1 x Conductive 38mm Hose to Pole adaptor


1 x Conductive 38mm hose to 50mm Vac Inlet Cuff


1 x Hose Bag

SpaceVac - DIV2 PRO 1.5" - HEAD KIT - Gulper Nozzle - Round Brush - 12" Floor/Wall Tool - Crevice Tool - Straight Head - 45° Head - 90° Head - 135° Head - Mesh Bag - HOSE KIT - Hose x 15ft - Hose to Pole Adaptor - Vacuum Cuff - Hose Bag - Div2 Pro POLE KIT - 1.5" x 2ft 6" Div 2 Pro Half Pole - 1.5" x 5ft Div2 Pro Poles (5) - Pole Bag

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