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SOLO Handheld Pump Sprayer- 301-A - CLEANLine - Viton - Acid - 42oz

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CLEANLine 301-A Sprayer, 1.25 Liter, (Viton® pH 1-7)

Acidic-based cleaning fluids are used effectively in the commercial cleaning of buildings and in vehicle repair centers. They are also used to combat lime residues and deposits as well as germs, bacteria and much more. They are needed for the hygienic cleaning of medical rooms, baths and toilets, commercial kitchens, swimming pools, saunas, thermal baths and for cleaning plumbing fittings. These acidic solutions are a tough test for the seals and parts in the sprayer.

Specifically built for this industry, the SOLO CLEANLine sprayers are equipped with Viton® seals and O-rings. These sprayers can also be used with solutions that contain oil or solvents. The pump systems are sealed to prevent these aggressive liquids from causing any mechanical damage. This contributes to a long service life.


  •  Durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks are resistant against UV ray impact and are corrosion-resistant and transparent.
  •  High-quality seals fitted to all parts that come in contact with chemical.
  •  Ergonomically-shaped operating components.
  •  Efficient, heavy-duty pumps for quick and effortless pressurization.
  •  Corrosion-resistant plastic parts.
  •  Equipped with Viton® seals and O-rings for use with acidic liquids and solutions that contain oil or harsh solvents.
  •  Sealed pump system to prevent aggressive liquids from causing any mechanical damage and to contribute to a long service life.
  •  Light and sturdy, translucent tank with easily visible fill volume graduation marks and large opening.
  •  Smooth, sealed pump with large pump handle for quick and efficient pressurization to maximum 45psi.
  •  Pressure relief valve automatically releases pressure at 45psi. Valve can be operated manually to release pressure.
  •  Plastic adjustable spray nozzle.
  •  Large ergonomically-shaped handle.
  •  Stable three-footed conical-shaped tank.

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