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SensaMist Scent Diffuser - S150

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Introducing the SensaMist S150 Scent Diffuser – Your Key to a Fragrant Oasis!

Are you searching for the perfect solution to transform your small space into a fragrant haven? Look no further than the SensaMist S150 Scent Diffuser. Designed for everyone who desires to elevate their surroundings with delightful scents, this remarkable device offers an unparalleled aromatic experience.

Key Features:

1. Power-Packed and Whisper-Quiet: The SensaMist S150 is powered by innovation. While it effortlessly fills your space with enchanting fragrances, its virtually silent operation ensures that you can enjoy the ambiance without any disturbance. It's the ideal companion for creating a serene and aromatic atmosphere.

2. Advanced Atomizer Technology: Our diffuser doesn't just diffuse scents; it crafts them. Using advanced atomizer technology, it transforms your chosen fragrance into a fine, lingering mist. This ensures even distribution and an aroma that envelops your senses.

3. Odor-Defying Formulation: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors! The SensaMist S150's fragrance is more than just a cover-up. It contains Airadicate malodor counteractant and odor neutralizer, working diligently to combat bad odors at their source. You won't just mask odors; you'll eliminate them.

4. Tailored Scents for Your Space: We understand that scent preferences vary by location. That's why the SensaMist S150 allows you to program your unique scents to last according to your specific location preferences. Whether it's the cozy living room, the vibrant office, or any small area you hold dear, you're in control of the fragrance intensity and duration.

Why Choose SensaMist S150?

  • Enhanced Atmosphere: Elevate the ambiance of any small space with delightful fragrances.

  • Operational Excellence: Whisper-quiet, efficient, and powered for your convenience.

  • Odor Obliteration: Fight bad odors effectively with our advanced formulation.

  • Customizable Scents: Tailor your aroma to match your surroundings perfectly.

Transform your small space into a fragrant oasis with the SensaMist S150 Scent Diffuser. Order yours today and immerse yourself in the world of captivating scents!


      • Scent delivery type:Fine mist, non-aerosol.
      • Operation:Powered.
      • Installation:Desk mounted.
      • Power:6w
      • Voltage:DC 12v
      • Finish:Silver
      • Bottle required (ml | ounces):100ml | 3.5fl oz.

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