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IPC Eagle Hydro Cart With Electric Boost Pump - Window Washing Equipment - Telescopic Pole & Accessories | Financing Available

Original price $8,683.00
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Original price $8,683.00
Current price $5,999.00
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Current price $5,999.00

 We are proud to present this refurbished and ready-to-go-to-work IPC Eagle Hydro Cart with Electric Boost Pump. This machine has been fully tested and ready to clean for years to come. It is sold with a telescopic wand with Speed Brush attachment & a multifunctional Cleano System.  - Like new condition 

Unit has the following:

  • New Motor
  • 2 Carbon Fiber Telescopic Poles 25 ft and 35 ft, with 14" Speed Brushes

Very convenient for Window Washing and High Surface Cleaning, this unit hooks right up to a garden hose.  

Sold with 90-Day Parts - Lifetime Technical Support Warranty - Terms and Conditions Apply

Local Pickup In West Chester Ohio

Local Delivery Available For An Additional Fee

We offer a 90-day part warranty on everything we sell and stand behind everything we sell. We also provide free, lifetime technical support on everything we sell. If you have a question or need help in any way simply call us and we will be happy to lend a hand.

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Offered As First Come First Serve

Warranty Information Here

From the Manufacturer:

The Hydro Cart Pro is part of IPC Eagle’s Ultra Pure Window Cleaning Equipment line and is able to produce a high volume of pure water with normal tap pressure.

 Key Features of the Hydro Cart Pro Include:

  • Utilization of IPC Eagle’s pure water system, which uses reverse osmosis and de-ionization to produce mineral-free water for streak-free windows
  • Compact and portable system due to its large rear wheels and transportable design
  • When working together with telescopic poles, it can clean up to five stories safely from the ground
  • Works to reduce labor and improve safety by eliminating the need to climb up and down ladders
  • Available in battery, electric and gas boost pumps
The Carbon Fiber Telescopic Poles come in a variety of sizes to help accommodate with many different tasks.

Key Features of the Telescopic Poles include:

  • The poles have an end with standard or screw cones so you can mount tools, such as squeegees or washers.
  • They are the strongest and lightest poles on the market, making them easy to walk up walls for a quick clean.
  • Comes with safety green hose that is very flexible
  • Includes hose clamp, allowing the operator to quickly and easily clamp the hose to stop water flow
  • Goosenecks available in 4" adjustable plastic, 8" adjustable aluminum and 16" adjustable aluminum
  • Uses an internal hose and can easily flip locks for fast extension
The Speed Brush, part of IPC Eagle’s Ultra Pure window washing equipment line, has a design to glide on glass with less fatigue.

Key Features of the Speed Brush include:

  • Designed to glide on glass with less fatigue, allowing the operator to clean longer and faster
  • Specifically engineered soft synthetic bristles "flare out" to glide on the window, ensuring all corners and edges are cleaned without damaging window frames
  • Flared bristles prevent brush block hitting the frame and reduces noise for building occupants
  • Utilizes more surface area of the bristles to reduce brush strokes
  • Designed to hold water between brush and glass for better cleaning, wihtout water deflection
  • 14" cleaning width, or can be used with a double brush adapter for a total of 26"
  • Also available in natural bristles (boars hair) for more water retention and a more aggressive scrub
The Cleano Systems, available in 1′ ,2′, 5′ 10′, 25′ and 35′ models, are glass cleaning tools with a design to clean indoor surfaces.

Key Features of the Cleano Include:

  • 7' - 41' working height
  • Combines the cleaning power of pure water and microfiber into a light, compact and entirely mechanical tool
  • No chemical residue is left behind, eliminating any streaks
  • Features an easy joint disconnection system that can change the frame of the Cleano, depending on the surfaces being cleaned
  • Reduces labor by up to 50%
  • Reduces back strain - ergonomic
  • Reaches difficult areas without dripping on or having to move furniture
  • Can clean tables, desks, furniture, doors, walls, mirrors and glass

Cleano Sold Separately 



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