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Construction King HEPA Backpack Vacuum - In Stock | Fast, Efficient Cleaning Power

Original price $430.10 - Original price $476.85
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$430.10 - $476.85
Current price $430.10

Experience Unparalleled Efficiency with the Construction King HEPA Backpack Vacuum!

Are you in search of a vacuum that can revolutionize your cleaning routine? Look no further than the Construction King HEPA Backpack Vacuum, your trusted partner for cleaning tasks that demand speed, power, and precision.

Key Advantages:

1. Vacuum 60% Faster: Time is money, and the Construction King HEPA backpack vacuum helps you save both. Vacuum your space 60% faster compared to traditional methods, making your cleaning process more efficient and cost-effective.

2. Maximum Air-Flow, Minimum Effort: With an exceptionally high air-flow rate, this backpack vacuum makes light work of even the toughest cleaning tasks. It increases productivity while reducing the effort required, allowing you to accomplish more in less time.

3. Versatile Applications: Designed to excel in various environments, the Construction King Backpack Vacuum is your go-to solution for facility maintenance, job-site dust control, and anywhere construction debris accumulates. It's a versatile tool for professionals in multiple industries.

4. Fine Dust and Particle Removal: This vacuum is not just about power; it's about precision. Highly effective at capturing fine dust and particles, it ensures that your space is not just clean but also safe.

Suggested Uses:

Facility Maintenance: Keep your workspace clean and inviting with ease.
Dust Containment: Prevent dust from spreading during construction or remodeling.
Duct Cleaning: Reach and clean those hard-to-access ducts efficiently.
Overhead Pipe Cleaning: Say goodbye to difficult-to-reach dust and debris.
Drywall Clean-Up: Speed up the aftermath of drywall work.
Concrete Saw Clean-Up: Eliminate concrete dust swiftly and thoroughly.



  • Strongest / Lifetime guarantee rotationally molded polyurethane.
  • Cooler Backrest / With Suspended Cushion
  • More Power / The new 2-Stage Construction Motor has 121" of lift for dramatic cleaning results
  • HEPA Filtration / Filtration, to 0.3 microns. Both the recovery bag and the motor saver are HEPA filters. 
  • Never Clog Tapered Hose / Starts at 1.5" and enters the body with a 3.25" opening that can ingest an 8" straw.

Choose the Construction King HEPA Backpack Vacuum, and witness a new era of cleaning efficiency. Whether you're a facility manager, a construction professional, or a cleaning expert, this vacuum is your trusted ally for cleaner spaces and faster results.

Don't compromise on productivity or cleanliness. Elevate your cleaning game with the Construction King HEPA Backpack Vacuum today!


10-Quart 6-Quart
Weight: 11.5 lbs Weight: 10.5 lbs
Airflow: 129 CFM Airflow: 129 CFM
Static Lift: 121" Static Lift: 121"
Power: 1171w Power: 1171w
Amperage: 10.7 amp Amperage: 10.7 amp
Decibel: 66dB Decibel: 66dB
Filtration: Quad with HEPA Filtration: Quad with HEPA

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Size: 6-Quart

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