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Please Pardon Our Mess - Our Website Is Currently Undergoing Updates and Revisions
Please Pardon Our Mess - Our Website Is Currently Undergoing Updates and Revisions

Afia Manual Foaming Dispenser - Sold As Needed With Purchase Of Afia Refills

by NCL
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All Afia Dispensers Are Sold With The Purchase Of Refill Cartridges, On An As Needed Basis.

Afia™ Dispensers are the latest technology in hand care dispenser solutions.  Designed for use in virtually any private or public restroom, this attractive, durable unit is the dispenser of choice.  With unique built-in foaming dispenser valve, the Afia dispenser saves money right away by not having to throw away a valve on every bag of product. 


  • ANTIMICROBIAL PUSH VALVE / Reduces bacterial, mold, fungi on the surface to protect from degradation*
  • DISPENSES GENEROUS 0.6 ML PER ACTIVATION / Just one push is enough to wash your hands.
  • STURDY, DURABLE CONSTRUCTION / Base constructed of durable, high quality ABS Plastic for long term performance and reliability.
  • MODERN DESIGN / Looks great in all environments.
  • PRE-MOUNTED FOAMING VALVE / Durable, long life, non-clogging foaming valve.
  • EASY MOUNTING, COMES COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED / Supplied with 3M adhesive foam strips for simple, easy, secure mounting.
  • 1000/1250 ML BAG CHAMBER / Accommodates up to 1250 ml bag in one versatile dispenser.
  • VIEW WINDOW / Attractive construction with view window to see inside the dispenser.
  • KEYED ACCESS / Locked design prevents unwanted access. Keyed entry for easy cartridge replacement and cleaning.
  • SLIM DESIGN, ADA CERTIFIED / Perfect size is ideal for restrooms and many more locations. The logical choice for helping prevent the spread of germs.
  • *According to EPA Guidelines the antimicrobial technology cannot claim to protect users or others against germs, bacteria, viruses or other disease organisms. Always clean and wash products thoroughly.
Color: White

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