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Revolutionize Your Cleaning Game with Auto Scrubbers

Revolutionize Your Cleaning Game with Auto Scrubbers

A Beginner’s Guide to Easier and Efficient Floor Care

What Are Auto Scrubbers?

Auto scrubbers are the superheroes of the cleaning world. These innovative machines are used to keep floors spotless, combining the powers of scrubbing and drying in one swoop. Replacing a traditional mop and bucket, floor scrubbers save significant time and allow for more efficient cleaning increasing square feet per hour. Imagine a vacuum cleaner that not only sucks up dirt but also scrubs your floor clean – that’s an auto scrubber for you!

Where Can You Use Them?

These versatile machines are not just for industrial plants or Convention centers. They fit perfectly in various settings, from schools, hospitals, warehouses, and retail spaces to office buildings. And the best part? Auto scrubbers are friendly to almost all types of floors – be it VCT, cement, Stone, Marble, granite, rubber, ceramic tile, and concrete floors. Do avoid carpet and unsealed concrete floors when using a floor scrubber.

Types of Auto Scrubbers: Find Your Perfect Match

i-mop upright auto scrubber

Upright Scrubbers: Compact powerhouses for Tight Spaces.

Upright scrubbers are the go-to choice for areas where space is a premium. Their compact design allows them to navigate through narrow aisles, around furniture, and in tight corners with ease. While they might not have the large water capacity or extensive coverage of their bigger counterparts, upright scrubbers are perfect for quick clean-ups and maintenance in smaller or congested areas. Plus, their ease of storage makes them a favorite for establishments with limited space.

  • Pros: Highly maneuverable, easy to store.
  • Cons: Not ideal for large areas, limited water capacity.
  • Best For: Small retail spaces, tight corners, and office use.
IPC Walk behind auto scrubber with a disc deck

Walk-Behind Scrubbers: Ideal for medium-sized areas.

Walk-behind scrubbers are a fantastic middle ground for those who need more power than an upright but less bulk than a ride-on. These machines are incredibly user-friendly and can tackle a diverse range of floor types, making them versatile additions to any cleaning arsenal. While they do require physical operation, their ergonomic designs ensure minimal strain on the user. Ideal for medium-sized areas, these scrubbers excel in environments like educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and medium-sized retail spaces, providing thorough cleaning without the need for a large machine.

  • Pros: User-friendly, more affordable.
  • Cons: Not suitable for very large spaces.
  • Best For: Offices, medium-sized commercial spaces, classrooms, smaller retail spaces.
IPC ride-on scrubber automatic scrubber

Ride-On Scrubbers: For those vast spaces.

Ride-on scrubbers stand out when it comes to maintaining large floor areas. These powerful machines are designed for maximum efficiency, covering vast spaces in less time and with less effort compared to walk-behinds. The comfort of the operator is a key feature, with most models boasting ergonomic seating and easy-to-use controls, significantly reducing fatigue during extended use. While they do require a larger investment and more storage space, their speed and effectiveness in large commercial settings, such as warehouses and shopping malls, make them an invaluable asset for any serious cleaning operation.

  • Pros: Faster cleaning, less fatigue, high efficiency for large areas.
  • Cons: Higher cost, need more storage space.
  • Best For: Large warehouses, shopping centers, extensive commercial areas.

Robot Scrubbers: The Cutting-Edge in Floor Cleaning Technology.

Robot scrubbers are at the forefront of cleaning technology, offering a glimpse into the future of floor care. These automated machines are designed to operate independently, navigating around obstacles and covering large areas without direct human intervention. This not only ensures a consistent level of cleanliness but also significantly reduces the labor required for floor maintenance. Ideal for environments with high foot traffic or those that require regular, thorough cleaning, robot scrubbers can be a game changer. However, their advanced technology comes with a higher price tag and a dependence on technical upkeep, making them a more suitable choice for facilities ready to invest in the latest cleaning innovations.

  • Pros: Automated, consistent cleaning, labor saving.
  • Cons: Higher initial investment, technology reliance.
  • Best For: High-traffic areas, large facilities needing regular maintenance.

Scrub Decks: Tailoring Your Scrubber to Your Needs

Disc Decks: Versatile and common.

Disc Decks are commonly found on walk-behind scrubbers and use either pads or brushes.  Spinning at a high rate of speed, water shoots between the discs combined with a solution that loosens the dirt on the floor effectively cleaning the area.   

  • Pros: Great for smooth floors, less expensive, easier to maintain, longer lasting.
  • Cons: Struggle with rough surfaces, not ideal for floors with large amounts of debris as this can clog the machine and even ruin its components. 
  • Best For: Heavily soiled floors, cleaning tough stains, removing scuff marks.
Side view of a cylindrical brush on auto scrubber

Cylindrical Decks: The tough dirt-buster.

Cylindrical decks are systems that consist of horizontal brushes that rotate at high speeds. Most consist of dual brushes that counter rotate, turning against each other which allows for more aggressive cleaning from two different directions. Cylindrical decks sweep up larger debris without clogging which eliminates the need for pre-sweeping. They also are better than disc pads for cleaning grout lines and textured floors; the cylindrical brushes reach in and clean crevices with ease.

  • Pros: Sweep and scrub simultaneously.
  • Cons: More expensive than disc decks, higher maintenance costs, for brushes only not pads, Not for delicate floors.
  • Best For: Large areas with debris like Industrial settings or parking garages. Also floors that have uneven surfaces.

Orbital Decks: Precision cleaning.

Also called oscillating scrub decks, these use a rectangular scrubbing head that moves rapidly in a back and forth motion instead of rotations. They are  the newest technology compared with cylindrical and disc decks.  Orbital scrubbers can achieve rotation speeds as high as 2,250 RPMs. Depending on the pad that is used, these scrubbers  can be used for deep cleaning, stripping floor finish, or daily scrubbing jobs. 

  • Pros: Ideal for detailed, targeted cleaning like for corners and edges. Shorter cleaning times and less water usage.
  • Cons: Most expensive of the three types, only can use pads not brushes.
  • Best For: Areas with stubborn grime, can be used to strip floor finish without the application of chemicals.

Concluding Thoughts

As we wrap up our comprehensive guide on auto scrubbers, remember that the right choice can revolutionize your cleaning routine. Whether you're in charge of maintaining vast commercial spaces or small, bustling offices, there's an auto scrubber out there to meet your specific needs.

In this journey, we've explored various types, from the versatile walk-behind scrubbers and compact upright models to the powerful ride-ons and innovative robotic scrubbers. Each type brings its unique strengths to the table, ensuring that no corner is left uncleaned and no floor type is incompatible.

At Okum Supply, we believe in providing solutions that not only clean but also enhance the efficiency and hygiene of your environment. We're committed to helping you find the best floor care equipment that aligns with your space, budget, and cleaning requirements.

So, dive into the world of efficient floor cleaning with Okum Supply. Choose from our range of top-notch auto scrubbers and witness the transformation in your cleaning process. For more information and to explore our products, visit us at Okum Supply. Remember, a cleaner space is just an auto scrubber away!

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