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Choosing the Right Floor Pads for Every Job

Choosing the Right Floor Pads for Every Job

Welcome to Okum Supply's resource hub! Whether you're tackling floor maintenance or gearing up for a full-scale cleaning operation, choosing the right floor pad is crucial to achieving sparkling results. Our main collection from Americo Manufacturing Company offers "The most extensive line of floor pads for any cleaning need and floor type." Let's guide you through selecting the perfect pad for your needs, helping you save time and avoid damage to your floors.

Understand Your Needs First

Before selecting a floor pad, consider:

  • Floor Type: What material are you working on?
  • Machine Type: What equipment are you using?
  • Desired Outcome: Are you cleaning, polishing, or stripping?

Floor Pad Types and Their Uses

Buffing Pads
  • Typical Colors: White, tan, red
  • Speed: Low-speed machines (1000 RPM & below)
  • Compatibility: Best with floor machines
  • Use: Light daily cleaning tasks; removes scuffs and restores gloss to finishes.
Burnishing Pads
  • Typical Colors: Commonly green, blue, tan, and gray
  • Speed: Ultra high-speed machines (over 1000 RPMs)
  • Compatibility: Used dry on clean floors
  • Use: Enhances floor shine; less aggressive pads suit softer floor finishes, while more aggressive options blend synthetic and natural fibers.
Scrubbing and Cleaning Pads
  • Typical Colors: Cleaning pads are lighter (e.g., white, light blue), scrubbing pads are darker (e.g., blue, green)
  • Speed: Both high and low-speed machines
  • Compatibility: Suitable for floor scrubbers and machines
  • Use: Cleaning pads tackle light soil; scrubbing pads handle heavy traffic areas, removing scuff marks and preparing floors for burnishing.
Stripping Pads
  • Typical Colors: Usually the darkest pads available
  • Speed: Low-speed machines (1000 RPM & below)
  • Compatibility: Resistant to chemicals used in floor stripping
  • Use: Removes worn finishes and heavy build-up, designed to absorb emulsified finish without clogging.
Maroon Pads (Restoration Pads)
  • Typical Colors: Maroon
  • Speed: Compatible with standard speed floor machines, automatic scrubbers, or oscillating equipment
  • Use: Ideal for chemical-free refinishing of wood floors or deep scrubbing.

Color Coding System for Easy Selection

It's essential to understand the industry-standard color coding system for scrubber pads:

  • Lighter Colors: Lighter duty, less aggressive
  • Darker Colors: More aggressive, suitable for heavier duty

Note: Burnisher pads do not adhere to this color system, so always check specifics with the manufacturer.

Choosing Wisely Saves Time and Money

Selecting a pad that's too weak for your needs can waste time and resources, while an overly aggressive pad might damage your floors. Always align the pad's aggressiveness with your cleaning requirements and machine capabilities. Remember, you can use high-speed pads on low-speed machines but not vice versa.


At Okum Supply, we provide a wide range of high-quality, sustainable floor pads designed to meet any cleaning challenge. By understanding your floor type, machine, and cleaning goals, you can select the ideal product to enhance your floor care routine. Explore our collection today and achieve the best results for your flooring!

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