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CT 15 Series - CT15B35 14" 4/5 Gal. Automatic Scrubber - On-Board Charger - Brush - | Financing Available

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The CT15 floor scrubber is one of the most compact machines on the market, yet still offers exceptional productivity.

The CT15 has the ability to reach under desks, tables and chairs due to its adjustable handle.


The CT15 has a small, compact design which allows the scrubber to clean tight,
congested areas. The scrubber works well in aisles, entryways, hallways, or other places where traditional scrubbers cannot typically fit. Its adjustable handle
helps as it can be folded down in order to reach under low surfaces, such as
below tables and desks.


Even though the CT15 is compact, productivity is not compromised. The CT15 can clean up to 13,500 square feet per hour and 20,000 square feet per charge, which is significantly faster than mopping floors. While being able to clean fast, the CT15 cleans more effectively than mops and can remove much more dirt and grime than mops.

Ease of Use

The CT15 was designed to be very simple for its operators. It has easy controls, it isn’t difficult to maneuver and it has a spin-on, spin-off brush.


The CT15 features IPC’s Eco Select innovation where energy consumption is
decreased by 20% while run time is increased by 20%. Noise level is down to
62 dB, allowing for day cleaning as well as in noise-sensitive environments.


The CT15 is constructed of a high density polyethylene that helps hold up
in tougher environments. The panel control switches are protected against
water and humidity and the squeegee system is designed to absorb harsh


  • 13,500 square feet/ hour
  • 4 Gallon Tank
  • 14 inch brush drive
  • 1.5 h run time for battery version
  • Height-adjustable handle
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Brush Control with automatic stop
  • Removable recovery tank
  • High-quality performance vacuum



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Package: (2x) 12v 33 ah AGM Batteries

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