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Please Pardon Our Mess - Our Website Is Currently Undergoing Updates and Revisions
Please Pardon Our Mess - Our Website Is Currently Undergoing Updates and Revisions

CT45B50 - 11/ 12 Gal - 20" - Automatic Scrubber - On-Board Charger - Pad Driver or Brush - (2x) 12v 84 ah AGM Batteries

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$5,624.00 - $5,624.00
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The CT45 automatic scrubber features an innovative design that ensures maximum productivity in a compact scrubber.

 Key Features of the CT45 Include:

  • Adjustable handle so the operator can clean under desks, chair and tables or other low surfaces
  • Best drying results on any surface because of its exclusive V shaped squeegee
  • Easy to use control panel

The CT45's Innovative Design Ensures Maximum Productivity in the Most Compact Size Possible.


  • With a compact body and lowered head, you can clean underneath all sorts of obstacles such as chairs and tables with ease. 
  • Easy to use control panel so you are not spending a lot of time training. 
  • Your solution stops when the brush drive stops - eliminating waste. Great for schools, cafeterias, daycare facilities, doctor offices, businesses and more.adjustable-handle-web.png
  • The self-leveling brush head applies constant pressure -  for maximum scrubbing efficiency.
  • A great automatic scrubber to scrub in difficult to reach areas.
  • Great maneuverability.
  • Folding handle for easy transport!
  • Commercial quality and performance vacuum motor.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Durable high density polyethylene tanks and surrounding body
  • Brush head designed to absorb hard impact.
  • Brush replacement without tools - no being down for hours because you don't have the right tool.
  • Squeegee blades can be used on 4 sides before replacement - longer blade life.
  • Easy access to internal compartments - ease of maintenance.
  • Autoscrubber tanks and surrounding body in high density polyethylene - strong.
  • Brush head designed to absorb harsh impact -  built for commercial use.
  • Squeegee system designed to absorb harsh impact - built for commercial use.
  • Panel control switches protected against water and humidity - no worries about splashes affecting your controls.



  • Scrubbing width:  20”/ 500 mm.
  • Squeegee width:  24”/ 598 mm.
  • Productivity (max speed):  18,836 Ft2/ 1750 m2/h.
  • Number of brushes:  1 (disc).
  • Solution tank capacity:  11 Gal / 40 l.
  • Recovery tank capacity:  12 Gal/ 45 l.
  • Power supply:  24V (2x12V).
  • Max speed:  2.2 Mph/ 3.5 Km/h.
  • Weight (net):  210Lbs/ 95Kg.
  • Shipping Weight (net):  215Lbs/ 98Kg.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):  22” x 33” x 48”/ 567x842x1226mm.

  Comes with AGM Battery, on board charger and brush or pad driver.

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